Rites & Desires

By Amanda Cherry

Book Cover: Rites & Desires
Part of the Ruby Killingsworth series:
  • Rites & Desires
Editions:Paperback - Print Edition
ISBN: 978-1-948280-01-3
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Kindle - Amazon Edition: $ 2.99

Ruby Killingsworth relies on magic to keep her entertainment empire on top. When a ritual gone wrong robbed her of this magic, she wasn't about to take it lying down. Enlisting Loki's aid and commanding the band of supernatural henchmen he’s proffered, Ruby embarks to capture the magic of an ancient African gem.

While endeavoring to regain her powers, Ruby must also contend with the daily business of Goblin Records, her romantic designs on her billionaire neighbor, and the unwanted attention of the newly elected U.S. president. The return of her power and a relationship with the city's most prominent citizen would give Ruby all she ever desired. But magic comes with a price, politics are a dirty business—doubly so when a trickster god gets involved—and Loki is never on anyone’s side but his own.

Publisher: DefCon One Publishing
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