Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2012

Edited by Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman

by S.R. Algernon, Folly Blaine, Kathryn Board, Mike Bryant, Pete Butler, Thomas Canfield, Jetse de Vries, Mark Andrew Edwards, James Ford, Chrissa Gerard, J. A. Grier, Jimmy Grist, Wayne Helge, Katherine Indovina, Davin Ireland, Rosemary Jones, Brandon Ketchum, Jamie Lackey, Susan Urbanek Linville, Nathaniel K. Miller, Rum Moreau, Torrey Podmajersky, Suzanne van Rooyen, D.K. Snape

A collection of tales from the world of mad science, combined in a handy portable edition. This issue includes exclusive fiction by Jamie Lackey and flash fiction in the form of classified ads.

This anthology collects the first three months of Mad Scientist Journal in one book. In addition to new fiction by Jamie Lackey, this book includes tales by S.R. Algernon, Folly Blaine, Kathryn Board, Mike Bryant, Pete Butler, Thomas Canfield, Jetse de Vries, Mark Andrew Edwards, James Ford, C. Gerard, J.A. Grier, Jimmy Grist, Wayne Helge, Katherine Indovina, Davin Ireland, Rosemary Jones, Brandon Ketchum, Susan Urbanek Linville, Nathaniel K. Miller, Rum Moreau, Torrey Podmajersky, D.K. Snape, and Suzanne van Rooyen. Art by Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Katie Nyborg, and Andi Pace.

Publisher: DefCon One Publishing
Cover Artists:

About the Authors

S.R. Algernon

S. R. Algernon studied fiction writing and biology, among other things, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His writing interests include sociological science fiction, Japanese science fiction, alternate histories and puzzle stories like Asimov used to write. He currently resides in Singapore.

Folly Blaine

Folly Blaine lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her fiction has appeared at, Mad Scientist Journal, and in the anthologies, Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations and Fresh Blood, Old Bones. As the Podcast Manager for, Folly has narrated over 80 stories for weekly podcasts. See more at

Kathryn Board

Kathryn Board has published short fiction with the speculative fiction anthology Triangulation: Dark Glass. She has also recently had writing accepted to Electric Spec and Kazka press. During the day, she works as a lab safety specialist; at night she writes works of odd fiction. It's a left brain/right brain mess.

Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant was once ejected from a Karaoke bar for performing the Weird Al Yankovic classic "Yoda", instead of taking things seriously.

He has released a spoken word CD entitled "Chicken Noodle Pants" and two novellas, "Shaolin Rock Star" and "Operation Dickhead".

Mike likes Science Fiction and Heavy Metal, which is sure to make him a hit with the ladies.

Pete Butler

Pete Butler lives in an above-ground microfortress in Pittsburgh, PA, where he, his girlfriend, and their birds and fishes are plotting their eventual conquest of western Pennsylvania's frozen treats industry. Baby steps, man.  He also writes kids' stories about a well-intentioned dragon named Squonk.

Thomas Canfield

Thomas Canfield aspires to worry less, for which purpose he has taken up the study of children, and to laugh more, for which purpose he has taken up the study of politicians.

Jetse de Vries

Jetse de Vries is a technical specialist for a propulsion company by day, and a science fiction reader, editor and writer by night. He was part of the Interzone team from 2004 to 2008, and recently edited the Shine anthology of near-future, optimistic SF. His stories have appeared in Clarkesworld MagazineEscape Pod and Flurb, amongst others. He's also an avid bicyclist, total solar eclipse chaser, beer/wine/single malt aficionado, metalhead and intelligent optimist. Sometimes, after fighting the good fight, he sleeps.

Mark Andrew Edwards

Mark Andrew Edwards resides in Monroe, WA, occasionally downwind from farm country. He enjoys reading, writing and amateur cat taming. He does not perform amateur organ transplants in his basement. This is his first publication in any form.

James Ford

James Ford

Ottawa, Canada.

Author of many (forty and counting) online and print Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Horror short stories. Husband, father and (he thinks) all around nice guy.

Chrissa Gerard

Chrissa Gerard is a writer and editor based in North Carolina ... for now.

J. A. Grier

Dr. J. A. Grier is a planetary scientist, poet, fiction writer, and wine lover. Her stories and poems have appeared in venues such as Mad Scientist Journal, Eye to the Telescope, Liquid Imagination, and Mirror Dance. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. Dr. Grier spends her time penning odd articles, reading strange stories, comparing vintages, and looking at impact craters on other worlds. She throws a fabulous Halloween party every year where one room is decorated entirely in eyeballs. Her babblings can be found at and @grierja on Twitter.

Jimmy Grist

Jimmy Grist is a student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He used to eat science for breakfast, but then all of his teeth fell out and his tongue decided it would only exist when unobserved. A short (but complete) list of other publications is available at (because .nets are cool, and .org didn't make sense).

Wayne Helge

Wayne Helge was in the Coast Guard for a dozen years before wading ashore, and now works and writes in Virginia.  He graduated from the Viable Paradise writing workshop in 2011 and recently sold his story, "Gone Rogue" to Damnation Press, for the Corrupts Absolutely? anthology, edited by Lincoln Crisler. Lately, his favorite hobby seems to be clicking the "refresh" button on

Katherine Indovina

Katherine Indovina writes because she cannot work an honest job. This is because she has narcolepsy. She has an upcoming book with Pro Se Press, and short stories soon to be published with Jukepop Serials, Dark Moon Books, Shotgun Honey, Good Guy Publishing, and other projects coming soon.

Davin Ireland

Davin Ireland was born and bred in the south of England, but currently resides in the Netherlands. His fiction credits include stories published in over sixty print magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic, including AeonUnderworldsThe Horror ExpressZahirComets & CriminalsRogue WorldsStoryteller Magazine and Something Wicked. You can visit his site at

Rosemary Jones

Rosemary Jones writes adventures set in shared worlds like the Forgotten Realms and Cobalt City. Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies. She loves mad science in all its weird and wonderful forms, and many mad scientists both historical and fictional dwell in the numerous books that share living space with her. Current writing projects can be found at

Brandon Ketchum

Brandon Ketchum is a writer currently seeking to break into the markets of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. His preferred sub-genres to write include dark horror and fantasy, weird horror and fantasy, historical fantasy and sci-fi, fantasy and sci-fi together, and comedic fantasy, horror, and Sci-fi. He has already published a Monster Byte story on the website, and is being published in the Mad Scientist Journal as well. Brandon has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, two post-graduate degrees in Shakespeare and Acting, and is returning to the University of Pittsburgh for further post-graduate study in Social Work.

Jamie Lackey

Jamie Lackey lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and their cat. She has over 130 short fiction credits, and has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Cast of Wonders. Her debut novel, Left-Hand Gods, is available from Hadley Rille Books, and she has two short story collections available from Air and Nothingness Press. In addition to writing, she spends her time reading, playing tabletop RPGs, baking, and hiking. You can find her online at

Susan Urbanek Linville

Susan Urbanek Linville has a PhD in Biology. In the last several years she has published over a dozen short fiction pieces in magazines, anthologies and on-line venues in the U.S. and Canada. She has worked as a freelance writer for newspapers and has published articles in encyclopedias. She presently freelances scripts for Indiana University's PODcast program, A Moment of Science. Her co-written memoir, A School for My Village, published by Viking-Penguin is available in book stores.

Nathaniel K. Miller

Nathaniel K. Miller is a writer and psychologist-in-training living in the Philadelphia area. His fiction can be found in at Mad Scientist Journal and is forthcoming at Apocrypha and Abstractions and Theurgy Magazine.

Rum Moreau

Rum Moreau is a history and creative writing student from Louisville, Kentucky. This is her first published fiction. When she is not exploring the past with the help of history books and Doctor Who episodes, she enjoys reading, collecting odd songs and information about life, the universe, and everything; and making peoples' days a little more surreal with her writing. Her fondness for mad science stems from a fascination with general strangeness fueled by travel, horror movies, and Gothic novels and their ilk. Doc Brown, Griffin the Invisible Man, and Captain Nemo are a few of her favorite mad scientists.

Torrey Podmajersky

Delivered by time travelers to a newly-cooled Earth, Torrey Podmajersky spent her formative years in de facto world domination. Since her peaceful abdication, she and her knifemaking husband embroider the outskirts of imaginalia with monsters, tools, and words.

Suzanne van Rooyen

Suzanne van Rooyen is a freelance writer and author, born in South Africa and currently living in Finland. Her publishing credits include the cyberpunk novel 'Dragon's Teeth' published by Divertir Publishing, LLC, short stories published by Golden Visions Magazine amongst others, and numerous non-fiction articles published across the globe. Although she has a Master's degree in music, she prefers writing strange tales across the many sub-genres of speculative fiction and playing in the snow with her rambunctious shiba inu. She can be found at

D.K. Snape

D.K. (Dekes to friends) has been scribbling tales since age three. Why stick with the on-so-boring truth when good fiction can make it so much better? Rich imagination resulted in many spankings for telling ‘untruths' Dekes writes to depict world events in a way that appeals to imagination. Dekes will take any humdrum media explanation and add a spin to create a real tale. Write on Dekes!