Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2018

Edited by Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman

by Anne Breen, Andy Brown, Veronica Brush, Tara Campbell, Denzell Cooper, Matthew R. Davis, Thomas Diehl, Lucinda Gunnin, J. Harper, Joachim Heijndermans, James Jensen, Richard Krepski, Jamie Lackey, John A. McColley, Julia K. Patt, LaVa Payne, Torrey Podmajersky, Melanie Rees, Rachel Rodman, Sophie Sparrow, Nicole Tanquary, Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., Alyssa N. Vaughn, Sarah Yasin

Cutting-edge experimentation, endangered species, and restaurant franchise opportunities. These are but some of the strange tales to be found in this book.

Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2018 collects fourteen tales from the fictional worlds of mad science. For the discerning mad scientist reader, there are also pieces of fiction from Anne Breen, James Jensen, and Jamie Lackey. Readers will also find other resources for the budding mad scientist, including an advice column, gossip column, and other brief messages from mad scientists.

Authors featured in this volume also include Veronica Brush, Tara Campbell, Julia K. Patt, Alyssa N. Vaughn, Nicole Tanquary, Matthew R. Davis, J. Harper, Thomas Diehl, Joachim Heijndermans, Denzell Cooper, Sarah Yasin, Rachel Rodman, Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., Melanie Rees, Richard Krepski, Andy Brown, John McColley, LaVa Payne, Sophia Sparrow, Lucinda Gunnin, and Torrey Podmajersky. Features art by A. Jones, Luke Spooner, Leigh Legler, Scarlett O’Hairdye, and Errow Collins.

About the Authors

Anne Breen

Anne Breen is a newly published writer, but she’s had fun writing for over a decade. She lives in Perth, Western Australia, and has a bachelor degree in philosophy and economics. Her page is at

Andy Brown

Andy Brown is a musician and entertainer living near Edinburgh in Scotland. (He doesn't currently own a kilt but does play bagpipes a little.) He is a pleasant enough fellow with a healthy interest in many things and an obsessive interest in many others. (Music, computers, astronomy, reading, writing…) He plays a wide variety of instruments to a wide variety of standards. His greatest happiness is his family and the fact that he wakes every morning still breathing. His greatest sadness is that he might die before warp travel, teleportation, and Klingons are discovered.

Veronica Brush

Veronica Brush is the author of the novellas First Grave on Mars and Second Deception on Mars, a murder mystery series set on the red planet. Her work has been featured in publications including Apex Magazine, the Mad Scientist Journal, and the anthologies Bubble Off Plumb and Do Not Go Quietly. She also has an occasional blog,

Tara Campbell

Tara Campbell [] is a Washington, D.C.-based writer and a fiction editor at Barrelhouse. Prior publication credits include SmokeLong QuarterlyLitbreakMasters Reviewb(OINK)Queen Mob's Teahouse, and Mad Scientist Journal. Her novel, TreeVolution, was released in 2016, and her collection, Circe's Bicycle, was published in spring 2018. 

Denzell Cooper

Denzell Cooper is a British writer working across multiple genres. His dark fiction has previously appeared in Mad Scientist Journal, Bete Noire, and other small press publications, as well as the anthologies Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past and Pirates & Ghosts. When he's not writing, Denzell enjoys playing horror board games, such as those set in the world of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, which provided part of the inspiration for this story. The other part was his own twisted imagination.

Matthew R. Davis

Matthew R. Davis can never just walk past a second-hand bookshop, so his home increasingly resembles one. He’s had over forty short stories published thus far, with his first collection, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, due in 2019. He has acted as a judge for the Australian Shadows Awards and the Aurealis Awards, and his work has been shortlisted for both (these occurrences are unrelated). A dossier on his behaviour and crimes has been assembled at

Thomas Diehl

Thomas Diehl is a writer of speculative fiction and nonfiction in both English and German. He hails from a German city with a name barely made for human tongues (Moenchengladbach). His exploits are regularly documented at (or just for German readers).

Lucinda Gunnin

Lucinda Gunnin is a short story author and commercial property manager in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She writes a gossip column for Mad Scientist Journal and has a published collection of short horror Seasons of Horror available at When not writing, she’s a gluten-free gamer girl, sushi lover, and cat-spoiling pet parent. Find her on Twitter @LucindaGunnin.

J. Harper

J. Harper is a 26-year-old queer and introverted witch from the North Bay Area in Northern California, with a B.S. in Forensic Psychology. She was recently accepted into the M.F.A. in Creative Writing program at Mills College, focusing on her love of horror and sci-fi in her short stories and novels. When not writing about horror, she is often found reading or watching it, painting, or sometimes playing horror video games rather badly.

Joachim Heijndermans

Joachim Heijndermans writes, draws, and paints nearly every waking hour. Originally from the Netherlands, he's been all over the world, boring people by spouting random trivia. His work has been featured in a number of publications, such as Metaphorosis, Hinnom Magazine, Every Day Fiction, Asymmetry Fiction, Kraxon Magazine, and Gathering Storm Magazine. He's currently in the midst of completing his first children's book. You can check out his other work at, or follow him on Twitter: @jheijndermans.

James Jensen

James Jensen is very pleased to have been chosen for publication with He’s been writing for several years, and his fingers are really tired! He has been (and continues to be) a visual and performance artist, entertainer, and successful humorist, although his wife and daughter might disagree with him on that last bit. In addition to his family, he loves his dogs and his cat, the creative process, composing stories in his head on his drive to work, and referring to himself in the third person.

Richard Krepski

Richard Krepski is retired from a 30-year career as research scientist and educator. He currently resides in the twilight zone between scientific rationalism and poetic lunacy. His work has appeared in Braided Way, Soul-LitOberon, Mobius, Bolts of Silk, Fickle Muses, Jesus Radicals, Parody, Still Crazy, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Tiferet—A Journal of Spiritual Literature. Krepski's essay “Center of the Universe” was awarded the Tiferet writing prize for 2009. Information on all his writing can be found at

Jamie Lackey

Jamie Lackey lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and their cat. She has over 130 short fiction credits, and has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Cast of Wonders. Her debut novel, Left-Hand Gods, is available from Hadley Rille Books, and she has two short story collections available from Air and Nothingness Press. In addition to writing, she spends her time reading, playing tabletop RPGs, baking, and hiking. You can find her online at

John A. McColley

John A. McColley claims to be a recent father of three, living at the edge of a three-hundred-acre wood. Evidence mounts that he, too, has lost touch with reality after months of sleep deprivation, spinning tales of mechanical men and magic. He reports waking many times a night to the screaming of very cute, but very angry, tiny, twin demons who demand milk and diaper changes.

Julia K. Patt

Julia K. Patt lives in Maryland with the smallest, furriest Elder God and her unwitting orange tabby acolyte, which never fails to make life interesting. Her stories have recently appeared in Clarkesworld, Escape Pod, and Luna Station Quarterly, and she is at work on a novel. Twitter: @chidorme. Website:

LaVa Payne

LaVa Payne lives in the Piney Woods of East Texas where she writes stories and explores old sawmill towns.

Torrey Podmajersky

Delivered by time travelers to a newly-cooled Earth, Torrey Podmajersky spent her formative years in de facto world domination. Since her peaceful abdication, she and her knifemaking husband embroider the outskirts of imaginalia with monsters, tools, and words.

Melanie Rees

Melanie Rees is a South Australian speculative fiction writer. She has published over 70 stories and poems in markets such as Apex, Aurealis, Daily Science Fiction, and Persistent Visions. More information on her work can be found at or on Twitter @FlexiRees.

Rachel Rodman

Rachel Rodman ( is a writer and a former scientist.

Sophie Sparrow

Sophie Sparrow has published short fiction in a variety of venues, including here at Mad Scientist Journal. She lives and works in Birmingham, England, with her partner and not enough cats. Visit her online at or on Twitter @_sophiesparrow.

Nicole Tanquary

Nicole Tanquary lives in upstate New York State, where she has worked variously as a geochemistry lab assistant, a teaching assistant, and a non-fiction editor and writer, and is currently employed as a writing tutor for Syracuse University. She has sold and published short stories to a menagerie of venues, the most recent of these including work with Fantasia Divinity Magazine, Grievous Angel, and Deadman's Tome. Other things she likes to do include long hikes, playing with her pet rats and cats, and eating ice cream.

Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr.

Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., is Associate Professor and Chair of Native American Studies at the University of Montana. He is co-editor and Creative Editor for Transmotion (an on-line journal of postmodern indigenous studies). His short story collection about sort of growing up in Chicago, Sacred Smokes, will be published Summer 2018 by the University of New Mexico Press, who also published his edited volume The Faster Redder Road: The Best UnAmerican Stories of Stephen Graham Jones. His fiction and photography have been published in Entropy, The Rumpus, The Raven Chronicles, High Desert Journal, and Yellow Medicine Review, among others.

Alyssa N. Vaughn

Alyssa N. Vaughn lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, son, and two dogs. She is a former software developer, a current high school teacher, a part-time writer and a full-time geek. When she's not reviewing comics for or video games for ThatVideoGameBlog, she's working on her own science fiction projects. More accurately, she's procrastinating working on them and tweeting about her baby's farts and the weird things her mom says when they watch the Food network. You can read these tweets @msalyssaenvy or see pictures of her kid on Instagram @alyssaenvy.

Sarah Yasin

Originally from the idyllic coast of Maine, Sarah Yasin presently lives inland where she studies world literature in translation using the public library. Year-round she works at the checkout counter of a convenience store, and seasonally she facilitates writing retreats. Her stories and poems can be found in Truancy, The Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase, and Lovecraft Me. Learn more about her forthcoming books at