Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2017

Edited by Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman

by Elizabeth Booth, Maureen Bowden, Kate B. Brokaw, Sean Buckley, Tara Campbell, Christa Carmen, Sarah Cavar, Amanda Cherry, Judith Field, E. B. Fischadler, Lucinda Gunnin, Joachim Heijndermans, Jessie Kwak, John A. McColley, Charlie Neuner, Jule Owen, Torrey Podmajersky, Cathleen Kivett Smith, J. Lee Strickland, Isaac Teile, Steve Toase, Emma Whitehall

Smart toasters, zombie offboarding, and innovations in 3-D printing. These are but some of the strange tales to be found in this book.

Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2017 collects thirteen tales from the fictional worlds of mad science. For the discerning mad scientist reader, there are also pieces of fiction from Sean Buckley, Jule Owen, and Steve Toase. Readers will also find other resources for the budding mad scientist, including an advice column, gossip column, and other brief messages from mad scientists.

Authors featured in this volume also include Amanda Cherry, Sarah Cavar, Charlie Neuner, E. B. Fischadler, Christa Carmen, Tara Campbell, Judith Field, Emma Whitehall, Maureen Bowden, Isaac Teile, J. Lee Strickland, John A. McColley, Kate B. Brokaw, Jessie Kwak, Elizabeth Booth, Joachim Heijndermans, Cathleen Kivett Smith, Lucinda Gunnin, and Torrey Podmajersky. Art by Shannon Legler, Katie Nyborg, Errow Collins, Scarlett O'Hairdye, Luke Spooner, Ariel Alian Wilson, and Amanda Jones.

About the Authors

Elizabeth Booth

Elizabeth Booth is a young writer primarily interested in writing fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other strange things. When not writing, she enjoys reading what other people have written, growing vegetables, and cooking with said vegetables. She is currently working on a young adult fantasy novel. This is her first published piece.

Maureen Bowden

Maureen Bowden is a Liverpudlian living with her musician husband in North Wales. She has had over a hundred stories and poems accepted for publication by paying markets. Silver Pen publishers nominated one of her stories for the 2015 international Pushcart Prize. She also writes song lyrics, mostly comic political satire, set to traditional melodies. Her husband has performed these in Folk clubs throughout England and Wales. She loves her family and friends, Rock 'n' Roll, Shakespeare, and cats.

Kate B. Brokaw

Kate B. Brokaw graduated from Furman University with a B.S. in Neuroscience. She is an aspiring science fiction writer and scientist. Currently, she lives in northern Virginia where she is working on completing her first novel.

Sean Buckley

Sean Buckley is a 25-year-old novelist and screenwriter from Secaucus, New Jersey. He graduated with a Master in Fine Arts from Fairfield University in 2016 for fiction and screenwriting. His screenplays have reached the quarterfinals of the Austin Film Festival and the PAGE International Screenwriting Contest, the semifinals of the Cynosure Screenwriting Contest, and most recently won the Iconic Character Fellowship Award. You can contact him at

Tara Campbell

Tara Campbell [] is a Washington, D.C.-based writer and a fiction editor at Barrelhouse. Prior publication credits include SmokeLong QuarterlyLitbreakMasters Reviewb(OINK)Queen Mob's Teahouse, and Mad Scientist Journal. Her novel, TreeVolution, was released in 2016, and her collection, Circe's Bicycle, was published in spring 2018. 

Christa Carmen

Christa Carmen's short fiction has appeared in Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2, WolfSinger Publications' Just Desserts, the DreamFusion Press anthology, The Book of the Macabre, Devolution Z Horror Magazine, The J.J. Outré Review, Jitter Press, Literally Stories, Fiction on the Web, Corner Bar Magazine, pennyshorts, and Dark Fire Fiction. Four Souls of Eve is available through Frith Books as a standalone eBook, and is soon to appear in their All Hallows anthology, and "The One Who Answers the Door" took Best in Genre for Thriller/Horror in wordhaus' Trick or Treat Fall Story Contest. Additional work is forthcoming from Anotherealm.

Sarah Cavar

Sarah is an 18-year-old undergraduate student living and studying in New England. They are agender and use they/them/theirs pronouns, and are very interested in incorporating gender-nonconforming/trans characters into their work. They study critical social thought, Mandarin Chinese, and journalism. In their spare time, they enjoy reading, writing, astrology, giving great hugs, and consuming more coffee than is medically advisable.

Amanda Cherry

Amanda Cherry is a wife and mom, an actor, and an author loving life in the suburbs of Seattle, WA. She’s an alumnus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas whose biggest claim to fame is having once co-starred with a Gecko in an insurance commercial.

As a queer, disabled author of urban & contemporary fantasy, space opera, and role play games, Amanda is drawn to stories that center people whose experiences and points of view are too often erased. She loves magic, mayhem, clever villains, unlikely love stories, and marginalized folx coming into their own power.

Amanda’s debut novel, Rites & Desires was released in 2018. Her short stories have appeared in Cobalt City Christmas: Christmas Harder and several editions of Mad Scientist Journal. She was on the writing team for the tabletop role play game Acute Paranoia and was a finalist in the 2018 NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. She’s been a story consultant to the SyFy Docu-series Looking for Leia in which she was also an on-camera participant.

Amanda is a giant nerd, and a fixture of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book conventions across the country. Find her on panels about everything from fashion & fanfiction to impostor syndrome and chronic illness. If you’re looking for someone to talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, gaming, or daring to be hyper-femme in geek spaces, she’s your gal.

Amanda has contributed to geek culture sites Tosche StationEleven-ThirtyEight, and Star and has been featured in Journey Planet.

She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, SFWA and Broad Universe.

Amanda is represented by Claire Draper of the Bent Agency.

Judith Field

Judith Field lives in London, UK. She is the daughter of writers, and learned how to agonise over fiction submissions at her mother's (and father's) knee. She's a pharmacist working in emergency medicine, a medical writer, editor, and indexer. She started writing in 2009. She mainly writes speculative fiction, a welcome antidote from the world she lives in. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications in the USA, UK, and Australia. When she's not working or writing, she studies English, knits, sings, and swims, not always at the same time.

E. B. Fischadler

E. B. Fischadler has been writing short stories for several years, and has recently begun publishing. His stories have appeared in Mad Scientist Journal, Bewildering Stories, eFiction, Voluted Tales, Beyond Imagination Literary Magazine, and Beyond Science Fiction. In addition to fiction, Fischadler has published over 30 papers in refereed scientific journals, as well as a chapter of a textbook on satellite engineering. When he is not writing, he pursues a career in engineering and serves his community as an EMT. Fischadler continues to write short stories and is working on a novel about a naval surgeon. You can learn more about Fischadler and access his other publications at:

Lucinda Gunnin

Lucinda Gunnin is a short story author and commercial property manager in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She writes a gossip column for Mad Scientist Journal and has a published collection of short horror Seasons of Horror available at When not writing, she’s a gluten-free gamer girl, sushi lover, and cat-spoiling pet parent. Find her on Twitter @LucindaGunnin.

Joachim Heijndermans

Joachim Heijndermans writes, draws, and paints nearly every waking hour. Originally from the Netherlands, he's been all over the world, boring people by spouting random trivia. His work has been featured in a number of publications, such as Metaphorosis, Hinnom Magazine, Every Day Fiction, Asymmetry Fiction, Kraxon Magazine, and Gathering Storm Magazine. He's currently in the midst of completing his first children's book. You can check out his other work at, or follow him on Twitter: @jheijndermans.

Jessie Kwak

Jessie Kwak is a B2B marketing copywriter and novelist who sometimes amuses herself by imagining how much more lively corporate communications would be during the time of the zombie apocalypse. Her short fiction has appeared in Bikes in Space vols 1-4, and you can find her paranormal and gangster sci-fi novels on her website,

John A. McColley

John A. McColley claims to be a recent father of three, living at the edge of a three-hundred-acre wood. Evidence mounts that he, too, has lost touch with reality after months of sleep deprivation, spinning tales of mechanical men and magic. He reports waking many times a night to the screaming of very cute, but very angry, tiny, twin demons who demand milk and diaper changes.

Charlie Neuner

Charlie Neuner is a young writer in Los Angeles, CA. He got his start way back in middle school and hasn't let up since! Currently, he works as a TV comedy writer; most recently he was in the writer's room for Nickelodeon's Emmy-nominated series School of Rock! He still finds time to write his own prose, both fiction and nonfiction. He's read his pieces in storytelling shows all over the city and his writing has appeared on humor websites like The Higgs Weldon. You can follow him at his Twitter handle, @charzooka, or y'know, you could just Google him and learn about him that way, too.

Jule Owen

Jule Owen was born in the north of England in a little place nestled between Snowdonia, the Irish Sea and the Pennines, and now lives in London. She has spent many years working in online technology, including in the video games industry. By day she is a practising digital technologist, working on products that involve machine learning and automation. By night and weekend, Jule is a science fiction author with a passion for science and a terror of climate change. She's the author of three published science fiction novels and the writer of short stories about the near future.

Torrey Podmajersky

Delivered by time travelers to a newly-cooled Earth, Torrey Podmajersky spent her formative years in de facto world domination. Since her peaceful abdication, she and her knifemaking husband embroider the outskirts of imaginalia with monsters, tools, and words.

Cathleen Kivett Smith

Cathleen Kivett Smith is a seventh-grade student who lives in Florida. In the summer, she works as a freelance writer. She's been writing her entire life and enjoys it as a hobby and possible career.

J. Lee Strickland

J. Lee Strickland is a freelance writer living in upstate New York. In addition to fiction, he has written on the subjects of rural living, modern homesteading and voluntary simplicity. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Sixfold, Atticus Review, Icarus Down Review, Latchkey Tales, Scarlet Leaf Review, Workers Write!, Pure Slush, Small Farm Journal, and others. He served as a judge for the 2015 and 2016 storySouth Million Writers Awards. He is at work on a collection of connected short stories vaguely similar in format to the long-defunct American television series, Naked City, but without the salacious title.

Isaac Teile

Isaac Teile wrote Resting in Peace: How the Restless Dead of Tira-no-gortha Finally Learned to Cope with Their Curse and edited A Man of Stature: Edmund Teile’s collected essays. He lives near the Blackened Sea and feeds a lot of stray cats. Follow him on Facebook.

Steve Toase

Archaeologist and writer Steve Toase lives in North Yorkshire, England, and Munich, Germany.

His work has appeared in Scheherezade's Bequest, Not One Of Us, and Cafe Irreal, amongst others. In 2014, "Call Out" (first published in Innsmouth Magazine) was reprinted in The Best Horror Of The Year. He is also a regular Fortean Times reviewer.

Recently, Steve worked with Becky Cherriman and Imove on Haunt, about Harrogate's haunting presence in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in the town.

Emma Whitehall

Emma Whitehall is a writer and spoken word performer based in the North East of England. Her work has been published in the United Kingdom, America, and Mexico. She also writes articles about writing, as well as genre fiction reviews. Find out more at