by Jeremy Zimmerman

Book Cover for Kensei
Editions:Paperback - Print Edition: $ 7.75
ISBN: 0615905951
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 188
ePub - Smashwords Edition: $ 0.99
ISBN: 9781311783806
Pages: 188
Kindle - Amazon Edition: $ 0.99
Pages: 188

Jamie Hattori's alter ego, the masked hero Kensei, has been doing pretty well protecting her neighborhood from petty villains with her martial arts skills, her father's katana, and a little help from the local spirits. But things get rough when the spirits start flaking out, the Goddess of Discord throws a few cursed apples, and an online gossip site sics an angry football player on her. Then there's her slipping grades, the vampire owls, and the cute roller derby chick looking for romance. And even worse, Jamie's hero-hating mom is starting to get suspicious. Can Jamie defeat her mysterious nemesis without tearing her family apart? And more importantly, will she score her first kiss?

Publisher: DefCon One Publishing
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Reviews:Garrett Croker on wrote:

When you get down to brass tacks with Kensei, though, it's a slim, fast, tightly-paced, action-packed superhero adventure filled with distinct, believable characters [...]. From the first page, Kensei really kicks, opening up and explaining its world as it goes without ever slowing down the action too much, drawing its conflict from the natural insecurities of its people rather than the needs of its plot, and advancing an intriguing mystery all the while.

C Lee Brant on Galleywampus wrote:

Jamie is multi-faceted: she’s gay, she’s biracial, she’s a Buddhist, she’s in high school; she is hiding things from her mom, her dad, her classmates, her potential girlfriend; she can talk to the spirits of cars and buildings and light bulbs. She has to deal with how these things affect other parts of her life. Zimmerman navigates these muddy waters expertly.

About the Author

Jeremy Zimmerman is a teller of tales who dislikes cute euphemisms for writing like “teller of tales.” He is the author of the young adult superhero book, Kensei and its sequel, The Love of Danger. In his copious spare time he is the co-editor of Mad Scientist Journal. He lives in Seattle with a herd of cats and his lovely wife (and fellow author) Dawn Vogel.