Cobalt City: Ties that Bind

by Nathan Crowder

Cover art for Cobalt City: Ties That Bind
Editions:Paperback - DefCon One Edition
ISBN: 978-1-948280-07-5
Kindle - Nathan Crowder Edition: $ 1.99

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry in a country that would rather look away–an insidious crime so horrible that authorities are powerless, or unwilling, to stop it.

Not even Cobalt City, the bright, cosmopolitan center of the superhero world, is safe from human trafficking and sexual slavery. For heroes used to dealing with madmen and megalomaniacs, the decentralized nature of the blight is difficult to comprehend, much less impact. How do you combat not just criminals but the very nature of a crime itself?

Velvet, society girl turned powerhouse, has slugged it out with gods. But when she crosses paths with a dead young woman, she finds herself dragged into a grim underworld that challenges her understanding of the city. With the mysterious vigilante Bantam as her guide, Velvet goes in search of justice for the victims of sex trafficking—whether the deadly Harlequin and Crime Kings of Cobalt City like it or not.

But how can she hope to stop something as nebulous as an idea?

And who can she really trust?

Publisher: DefCon One Publishing
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DefCon One is the publisher of the print edition of this book. The ebook is published by Nathan Crowder.

About the Author

Creator and curator of the superhero universe of Cobalt City, Nathan lives in the wilds of North Seattle, where he writes his weird stories and survives on a diet of coffee and irony. He draws inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut who reminds us, "God damn it, you've got to be kind."