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SpoCon 2018

Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman will be attending pros for this year’s SpoCon. We’ve listed out the events below, but for most current info visit the SpoCon website to get Jeremy’s schedule or Dawn’s schedule.

Friday, August 10

3:00 PM – Panel: The Magical Menagerie (Dawn Vogel)
4:00 PM – Reading: Dawn Vogel
7:00 PM – Reading: Jeremy Zimmerman

Saturday, August 11

11:00 AM – Panel: Flash Fiction: The Genre (Dawn)
12:00 PM – Panel: Creating Worlds the Players Control (Jeremy Zimmerman)
1:00 PM – Panel: Memorable NPCs (Jeremy Zimmerman)
2:00 PM – Panel: Create Stories Live (Dawn Vogel)
3:00 PM – Panel: What Editors Want (Dawn Vogel)
4:00 PM – Panel: Cooperative Gaming, a Conversation (Jeremy Zimmerman)
5:00 PM – Panel: Short Fiction in SF

Sunday, August 12

10:00 AM – Panel: What to Do Before You Publish (Jeremy Zimmerman)

RustyCon 35

Rustycon 35

Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman will be a panelists at this event.

Fri Jan 12 5:00:pm – GMing for Beginners (Dawn)

Fri Jan 12 6:00:pm – The Future of Reading (Jeremy)

Fri Jan 12 7:00:pm – Cowardice in RPGs (Jeremy)

Fri Jan 12 7:00:pm – When The Heroine ISN`T 18, Blonde, and a Size 3 (Dawn)

Fri Jan 12 8:00:pm – Women in Gaming (Dawn, Jeremy)

Sat Jan 13 10:00:am – The Lost Treasures of Historical Fantasy (Dawn)

Sat Jan 13 11:00:am – The Business of Self-Publishing! (Dawn, Jeremy)

Sat Jan 13 12:00:pm – Creating a Believable World (Jeremy)

Sat Jan 13 5:00:pm – Pantser, or Plotter, First, Third or Other (Jeremy)

Sat Jan 13 6:00:pm – Putting the play back into role-playing (Jeremy)

Sat Jan 13 6:00:pm – What Players want out of a game? (Dawn)

Sat Jan 13 7:00:pm – Inclusive Fandom (Jeremy)

Sat Jan 13 7:00:pm – Mining History (Dawn)

Sun Jan 14 11:00:am – Art of Editing (Dawn, Jeremy)

Sun Jan 14 12:00:pm – Transitioning from Fan to Pro (Dawn)

Sun Jan 14 2:00:pm – You got a little sorcery in my sci-fi (Jeremy)