MJ Wesolowski

Matthew John Wesolowski is a writer from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. His first ever book, written and illustrated by himself at age 11 was entitled Attack of the Killer Flytraps and whilst his writing style has possibly matured since then, his themes and content almost certainly haven't.

His short horror fiction has been published in Ethereal Tales magazine, The Midnight Movie Creature Feature anthology (May December Publications), the 22 More Quick Shivers anthology (Cosmonomic Multimedia), the Short Not Sweet anthology (Iron Press), the Kitchen Sink Gothic anthology (Parallel Universe Publications), the Selfies from the End of the World anthology (Mad Scientist Journal), and the Play Things & Past Times anthology (Great British Horror)

His debut novella, The Black Land,a horror set in the Northumberland countryside was published by Blood Bound Books in 2013.

You can find Matt on twitter: @ConcreteKraken

He blogs about horror, books and strange things here: https://mjwesolowskiauthor.wordpress.com

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