Evelyn Rosenberg

Evelyn Rosenberg is a twelve-year-old girl currently living in Illinois. She enjoys theater, singing, dancing, and most of all, reading, writing, and musical theory. She’s often found singing to herself in the halls of her school as she walks between classes. She even tries to sing on the way home from school, but her sister constantly tells her to stop. Evelyn plays the guitar as well. She dreams of working for a theater class, or better, a Broadway musical.

Evelyn’s other passion is animals. Although Evelyn enjoys writing in almost any genre, anything she writes will be sure to feature something furry. A lot of stories she reads also happen to include a small critter, or an enormous bear. Her favorite series, though, are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Although the stories were amazing, she also fell in love with the animals, especially Hippogriffs.

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