Rolling in the Dark

by Angela Spencer

Book Cover: Rolling in the Dark
Editions:Kindle - Amazon Edition: $ 0.99
ePub - Smashwords Edition: $ 0.99
ISBN: 9781370591848

Angela Spencer brings two sweet romance short stories set against the backdrop of the paranormal.

In "Devil May Care", Marcie Sandidge receives dark warnings about her new home from a handsome and mysterious man in her neighborhood named Darren. As the warnings turn out to be true, she has to rely on Darren to make it through the night.

"Something Fishy" features private investigator Teresa Martin. While on a case in the fishing town of Crynoch, Washington, she discovers that her ex-boyfriend is alive and well after allegedly dying fifteen years earlier. Can she trust him and find out the secret of sleepy coastal town?

About the Author

Angela Spencer has written science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, and now paranormal romance. She lives in Seattle with a heard of cats and her partner, Danny. Angela was a semi-finalist in All Romance eBook's "Just One Bite" contest. She is published by DefCon One Publishing,