Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2012

Edited by Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman

by S.R. Algernon, M. Bennardo, Andy Brown, Rebecca L. Brown, Christos Callow, Jr., Gary Cuba, Darren Goossens, Adam Israel, Ash Krafton, Django Mathijsen, Nathaniel K. Miller, Virginia M. Mohlere, Jeffery Scott Sims, Emily C. Skaftun, R.G. Summers, Jack N. Waddell, Paul Williams, Kyle Yadlosky

A collection of tales from the world of mad science, combined in a handy portable edition. This issue includes exclusive fiction by Emily C. Skaftun and flash fiction in the form of classified ads.

This anthology collects the first three months of Mad Scientist Journal in one book. In addition to new exclusive fiction by Emily C. Skaftun and flash fiction classified ads, this book includes tales by Jeffery Scott Sims, Adam Israel, Ash Krafton, M. Bennardo, Gary Cuba, Christos Callow, Jr., Darren Goossens, Paul Williams, Jack N. Waddell, Kyle Yadlosky, Nathaniel K. Miller, Django Mathijsen, Andy Brown, Rebecca L. Brown, R.G. Summers, and Virginia M. Mohlere. Art by Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Justine McGreevy, and Katie Nyborg.

About the Authors

S.R. Algernon

S. R. Algernon studied fiction writing and biology, among other things, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His writing interests include sociological science fiction, Japanese science fiction, alternate histories and puzzle stories like Asimov used to write. He currently resides in Singapore.

M. Bennardo

M. Bennardo's short fiction appears in Redstone Science Fiction, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, and other markets. He is editor of the best-selling Machine of Death series of anthologies. He is also a contributor to The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide, which is how he knows so much about time travel. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio, but people everywhere can find him online at

Andy Brown

Andy Brown is a musician and entertainer living near Edinburgh in Scotland. (He doesn't currently own a kilt but does play bagpipes a little.) He is a pleasant enough fellow with a healthy interest in many things and an obsessive interest in many others. (Music, computers, astronomy, reading, writing…) He plays a wide variety of instruments to a wide variety of standards. His greatest happiness is his family and the fact that he wakes every morning still breathing. His greatest sadness is that he might die before warp travel, teleportation, and Klingons are discovered.

Rebecca L. Brown

Rebecca L. Brown is a British writer. She specialises in horror, SF, humour, surreal and experimental fiction, although her writing often wanders off into other genres and gets horribly lost.

Christos Callow, Jr.

Christos Callow Jr. has a BA in Acting, an MA in Playwriting and is currently studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln (UK), for which he is researching Utopian/Dystopian fiction and is writing a collection of short stories, exploring utopias of perception such as the Buddhist Nirvana, the Christian "Kingdom Within" and the Lovecraftian Dreamlands."

Gary Cuba

Gary Cuba, a frequent contributor to Mad Science Journal, has seen his fiction published in more than ninety magazines and anthologies, including Baen's Universe, Nature Futures, Daily Science Fiction, and Flash Fiction Online. His lives with his wife in South Carolina, dangerously close to the Congaree National Swamp. He sometimes sees things that cannot possibly exist.

Darren Goossens

Apart from interpreting Professor Wergenergener's writings and presenting them to the public, Darren has published fiction in Aurealis and Andromeda Spaceways, amongst other magazines, and some allegedly humorous drawings in NFG magazine.

Adam Israel

Adam Israel was born with one foot on the road and a book in his back pocket. Having lived in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles, he's expatriated to Ontario, Canada with his wife, three dogs and three cats. With his nomadic lifestyle a thing of the past, he spends his days working as a software developer and writing.
He can be found at and on Twitter @adamisrael.

Ash Krafton

Ash Krafton is a speculative fiction writer whose work has appeared in Absent Willow Review, Expanded Horizons, and Silver Blade. Ms. Krafton resides in the heart of the Pennsylvania coal region, where she keeps the book jacket for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in a frame over her desk. Visit for news about her debut urban fantasy novel, Bleeding Hearts: Book One of the Demimonde (Pink Narcissus Press, 2012)

Django Mathijsen

Dutchman Django Mathijsen ( is the only author who's won the Unleash Award, the most prestigious Dutch SF-story award, three times.

As a son of professional musicians, he was a jazz-organist while graduating as an engineer at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He was technical consultant on the award winning British TV-programs Robot Wars and TechnoGames. And as a science journalist he's written over three hundred articles for English and Dutch magazines.

Now, he concentrates on writing music and fiction. His first novel, a science fiction techno-thriller published in Dutch in March 2010, was based on Mando's story.

Nathaniel K. Miller

Nathaniel K. Miller is a writer and psychologist-in-training living in the Philadelphia area. His fiction can be found in at Mad Scientist Journal and is forthcoming at Apocrypha and Abstractions and Theurgy Magazine.

Virginia M. Mohlere

Virginia M. Mohlere ( was born on one solstice, and her sister was born on the other. Her chronic writing disorder stems from early childhood. She is an assistant editor of Scheherezade's Bequest. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Cabinet des Fées, The Chiaroscuro, Mythic Delirium, Goblin Fruit, Strange Horizons, and Everyday Weirdness, among others. She can usually be found with ink stains on her fingers and tea stains on her shirt.

Jeffery Scott Sims

Jeffery Scott Sims is an author specializing in the weird and the fantastic. He resides in Arizona, his home of many years, which has formed the setting for several of his strange and frightful tales. A life-long student of anthropology, his hobbies include photography, star-gazing, and wilderness travel. Among his numerous published works, his most successful creations to date are the cycles of stories starring Professor Anton Vorchek, scientific investigator of the lurid unknown, and Jacob Bleek, medieval wizard and adventurer in search of forbidden lore. The latter character appears in the recently published novel, The Journey of Jacob Bleek.

Emily C. Skaftun

Emily C. Skaftun is a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing. If she could zap things out of this dimension there'd be a lot less traffic, chewing gum, and rain. Despite the inability (yet!) to vanquish rain, Emily lives in Seattle with her husband the mad scientist and a cat who thinks he's a tiger. She dabbles in roller derby and other absurd opportunities as they come along, while writing about fate, flying tigers, and strange fish. Emily is the Managing Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly. Hun lærer norsk, men sakte.

R.G. Summers

R. G. Summers writes primarily science-fiction, but has published stories and poetry of all natures. Summers lives in Seattle, more or less, and has great hopes for the future, including being able to pay the rent by writing, and someday owning a crock-pot. She’s also training to be a circus performer, just in case this whole "writing" thing doesn’t work out. You can find her little corner of the internet at

Jack N. Waddell

Jack N. Waddell is a Southern writer, physicist, and educator. He and his wife live in Arkansas, where he enriches young minds, but only to reactor-grade levels. He is immortal so far.

Paul Williams

Paul Williams is a writer best known for his study of the wolf in England, Howls of Imagination, published by Heart of Albion in 2007. He also wrote The Mystery Animals of Great Britain: Gloucestershire and Worcestershire and has contributed articles to magazines such as BBC History and Ripperologist. 44 of his short stories have been published, including the following contributions to anthologies, "To Kill a Nandi Bear" in Doctor Who Short Trips Past Tense, and "Song Ji and the Wolf" in The Blackness Within.

Kyle Yadlosky

Voodoo, sideshows, and a good ghost story—if it's outside of the everyday, Kyle Yadlosky revels in it. He lives in-between corn fields in Pennsylvania and has been published on and in Shoofly and Essence literary magazines.